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A1080 2016 New arrival Wireless Wifi IP 1080P HD Clock Spy Hidden Camera



Hidden camera disguised as a fully functional alarm clock with built-in hidden camera and built-in DVR Micro SD card. 
Plus this model is also a WiFi IP Network Camera that is capable of LIVE remote viewing and recording on PCs Laptops 
iPhones iPads and Android Devices 

High Quality Video 
2.0 MegaPixel sony Camera model with 1920*1080 Video Resolution 
Night Vision Mode 
Very few hidden cameras offer night vision but this one does! See up to 30 feet in total darkness. The built-in infrared
lights let the camera see clearly in total darkness but these special IR lights are totally invisible to the human eye. 

View LIVE and Recorded Video from Anywhere! 
Live remote viewing on almost any device connected to the internet or local network. Use your smartphone or tablet when 
on the road or your PC at the office to keep an eye on what's happening live. 

Secure Wireless Access 
This camera supports WEP/WPA/WPA2 encryption, so you can view your video over the internet or over WiFi with confidence. 

Records 2 Ways - Local and/or IP Network Internet 
Record internally to a removable Micro SD memory card (sold separately). Use up to a 64GB card. When the card is full 
the oldest video is recycled to make room for the newer video. 
Record to remote PC's Laptops Tablets and Smartphones over the local network or over the internet. 

Multiple recording modes 
Manual mode - records 24/7 
Motion detection mode will only record when it sees movement in the video 

Full Time Power or Battery Power 
When the charging cable is connected then it will power the camera too so you can record 24/7 or for as long as you need. 

Long Battery Recording Time 
The 2500 mAh built-in rechargeable battery can power this camera for up to 4.5 hours of continuous recording. When motion 
activated recording mode is selected the battery will last longer (depending on the amount of motion in the view). 

Playback is easy 
View the recorded files over the internet or remove the Micro SD memory card to view the recorded video on any PC (or Mac) 

Digital Playback 
The video files are recorded as AVI (H.264) so they can be viewed on almost any PC, Mac, or other devices using popular
free software like Windows Media Playerand they can be easily edited by most video editors. 


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