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Spy Camera CCTV manufacture security cam systems and much more.

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PC-704A/B video Spy pen Camera

PC-704A and PC-704B with same looks and price

PC-A4 New Full HD 1080P Pen camera Hidden camera pen DVR with 8GB

New Spy Pen with HD  H.264 1080p Camera and 8GB Memory

PC-T1 New Full HD 1080P Pen camera Hidden camera pen DVR

New Full HD 1080P Pen camera ,Hidden camera pen DVR,HD 1080P Pen camera

PC-H1 H.264 HD 720P Pen Video Audio Camera
New really true H.264 720P HD DV Mini Pen Video Recorder Camcorder.
PC-Y900 HD 1920x1080P INK spy Pen camera 4GB DIGITAL Pen Camcorder DVR

Full HD ink Pen Camera 1920x1080 12.0 Mega Pixel Video Recording

PC-706 HD 720p Digital concealed pen
It is the first HD record pen with lovely design, high resolution video, excellent photo, quality audio, webcam and USB drive, this multi-functional is design for reporters, emergency records, record live clips, entertainment and so on
PC-28 Motion Detection Spy Pen

Write and spy in style with this virtually undetectable spy gadget. Featuring a 1280x960 image sensor for crystal clear video, 25 FPS for smooth motion capture, and pinhole lens for spying on people without suspect, this spy gadget has everything you need to capture high quality undercover videos, and without anybody knowing the better!

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